Destiny or Poverty: Kidney failure in Madagascar

Kidney failure. This disease presents itself as the ultimate ordeal of several Malagasy people in recent years. Unlike COVID-19, the government is not able to manage all the patients affected by kidney failure. However, this problem is very costly. So for those who lose their lives, is it die time or lack of money? Destiny or Poverty? Some people do not know about kidney failure … Continue reading Destiny or Poverty: Kidney failure in Madagascar

The Easter tradition in Macedonia

For centuries back, traditions and customs in Macedonia have had a powerful impact on the collective mind and soul of the Macedonian people. Not only they have not been forgotten, but rather are vividly practiced today still. These traditions and customs have been tied with the religious holidays. But time has made that thin line that separates both being blurred and erased. Non-religious people in … Continue reading The Easter tradition in Macedonia

Dear Society, Art is not a waste of Time

His hands move with expertise along the soft paper, the tip of the pencil clutched in his tiny grasp sometimes creating a train, at other times a house. His brows are knitted in concentration, unaware of the onlookers mesmerized by his work. “Your son is really gifted,” one of the onlookers comments as she cranes her neck to get a better view. “Have you ever … Continue reading Dear Society, Art is not a waste of Time


During the COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of us is struggling with emotional eating. Emotional eating is consuming food without feeling physically hungry, mostly to cope with emotions like stress and anxiety. Foods we consume during emotional or stress eating are more likely to be comfort foods like fast foods and other packaged foods such as biscuits, which are high in fat and sugar. Consuming energy-dense foods or overeating may lead to weight gain which is … Continue reading FIG&HAZELNUT COOKIES

Mauritius, are you a victim?

Hi Mauritius, come here, let us talk, my old friend. I have been pondering a question for a very long time.  Mauritius, are you a victim? Do you think that since daddy’s little spoiled brat took you over, you have been leading a miserable life? You have been free from the British rule since 1968. Oh how you celebrated then… You rejoiced for your freedom. … Continue reading Mauritius, are you a victim?

Elizabeth and the Landlord’s Game

Elizabeth the game maker Elizabeth J. “Lizzie” Magie was born in a small Illinois town in the 1860s. He came from a petty bourgeois family: his father, James, was a newspaper editor, Lincoln’s contributor and therefore an abolitionist. Instead, the mother is basically unknown. Following in her father’s footsteps, Elizabeth first became a stenographer and then a writer, but also a comedian, feminist, engineer, finally returned to … Continue reading Elizabeth and the Landlord’s Game