Critique of Inegalitarian Feminism

It makes no sense to spend diplomatic words in this case: I feel like some feminism issues will be increasingly divisive, even among women. If on the first hand feminism should be the maximum gender ambition for a woman -because it defends, at least theoretically, her rights, and aims, always in theory, at gender equality- on the other hand the current of thought is increasingly  … Continue reading Critique of Inegalitarian Feminism


Born out of love Yet hated by many Judged by society and religion Lived in fear and confusion But why? Aren’t we all made of flesh and bones? Aren’t we all humans? We deserves the same respect So change your aspect And give us acceptance We won’t stay in the closet We won’t stay quiet We will stand for love Inclusivity and safety We will … Continue reading Acceptance

The new Oscars rules

The grandiose Academy Awards have ended. The fateful night of the golden statuettes is already gone. And for a reason, with them the memory of who won what. The 93d awards ceremony will most likely be remembered for the confusing chaos that the new diversity regulations have entailed. Now that was an attention grabber! According the new sad reality, if anyone dared considering to be a pretender … Continue reading The new Oscars rules

Destiny or Poverty: Kidney failure in Madagascar

Kidney failure. This disease presents itself as the ultimate ordeal of several Malagasy people in recent years. Unlike COVID-19, the government is not able to manage all the patients affected by kidney failure. However, this problem is very costly. So for those who lose their lives, is it die time or lack of money? Destiny or Poverty? Some people do not know about kidney failure … Continue reading Destiny or Poverty: Kidney failure in Madagascar

The Easter tradition in Macedonia

For centuries back, traditions and customs in Macedonia have had a powerful impact on the collective mind and soul of the Macedonian people. Not only they have not been forgotten, but rather are vividly practiced today still. These traditions and customs have been tied with the religious holidays. But time has made that thin line that separates both being blurred and erased. Non-religious people in … Continue reading The Easter tradition in Macedonia