The new Oscars rules

The grandiose Academy Awards have ended. The fateful night of the golden statuettes is already gone. And for a reason, with them the memory of who won what. The 93d awards ceremony will most likely be remembered for the confusing chaos that the new diversity regulations have entailed. Now that was an attention grabber! According the new sad reality, if anyone dared considering to be a pretender … Continue reading The new Oscars rules

Dear Society, Art is not a waste of Time

His hands move with expertise along the soft paper, the tip of the pencil clutched in his tiny grasp sometimes creating a train, at other times a house. His brows are knitted in concentration, unaware of the onlookers mesmerized by his work. “Your son is really gifted,” one of the onlookers comments as she cranes her neck to get a better view. “Have you ever … Continue reading Dear Society, Art is not a waste of Time

Several Times I Used to Die

Testimony of a shocking and deeply touching theatrical performance. The atmosphere is gloomy, nefarious. One has the fucking impression of no longer having oxygen in the lungs, of leaving this world. The colours are surprisingly warm, in perfect antithesis. What are we? Immersed in a uterine atmosphere, completely enveloped by a sea in constant motion, sticky: amniotic fluid. A microphone dropped in the middle, a … Continue reading Several Times I Used to Die

Is professionalism dead in contemporary music?

The question might seem trivial or, at least, reductive. In reality, I’m referring exclusively to those genres that pump with the sound of millions of streaming reproductions!.. on the well-known fastfood music platforms, which nowadays rule especially among those who really have time to listen it: young people. The backing tracks are all synthetics – it’s a fact – and, well that goes, they are … Continue reading Is professionalism dead in contemporary music?

The School of Athens

INEVITABLE TRIANGLE Art, religion and philosophy. Three words that have always been connected with each other through the history of the World because of the relation between them is essential, it is impossible to think one of these concepts without thinking the other two. For example, even a work of art which promises not to include any kind of religious motives can include traces of religion because … Continue reading The School of Athens