During the COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of us is struggling with emotional eating. Emotional eating is consuming food without feeling physically hungry, mostly to cope with emotions like stress and anxiety. Foods we consume during emotional or stress eating are more likely to be comfort foods like fast foods and other packaged foods such as biscuits, which are high in fat and sugar. Consuming energy-dense foods or overeating may lead to weight gain which is … Continue reading FIG&HAZELNUT COOKIES

3 questions to the first woman President of Mauritius

More or less everyone in the world know about what happened in Mauritius after a Japanese ship ran aground on the reef just off Pointe d’Esny beach, on the south-east coast of the splendid African island, very close to the Blue Bay Marine Park, overwhelming priceless biodiversity. It is not yet clear why the ship was there, nor why Mauritian authorities intervened rather mildly in the early … Continue reading 3 questions to the first woman President of Mauritius