Elizabeth and the Landlord’s Game

Elizabeth the game maker Elizabeth J. “Lizzie” Magie was born in a small Illinois town in the 1860s. He came from a petty bourgeois family: his father, James, was a newspaper editor, Lincoln’s contributor and therefore an abolitionist. Instead, the mother is basically unknown. Following in her father’s footsteps, Elizabeth first became a stenographer and then a writer, but also a comedian, feminist, engineer, finally returned to … Continue reading Elizabeth and the Landlord’s Game

Leopold II of Belgium and his statues

The owner of Congo In 1876, Léopold-Louis-Philippe-Marie-Victor of Saxony-Coburg-Gotha, better known as Leopold II of Belgium organized a private company with fake scientific and philanthropic purposes which he called the International African Society or International Association for the Exploration and Civilization of the Congo. The initial idea was to export ivory, not just for the Kingdom of Belgium, but also for the personal wealth of its king. In 1878, … Continue reading Leopold II of Belgium and his statues

Of Intersectionality and our Future

Different diversities I am a pale, heterosexual, baptized male (even if not a believer, the same as my whole family), I was born and I live in Northern Italy, not far from Milan, and I have a master’s degree. All this to say that I have never encountered major difficulties in my life, especially taking into account these characteristics, which undoubtedly can facilitate a person’s … Continue reading Of Intersectionality and our Future

How to write a CV

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect CV, it should be sufficiently formatted and short to adjust to the role that you are applying for. Not sure where to start? Here are some basic rules about CV writing: What information should I add to my resume? There are several things that CVs should always include: 1. Personal information: It might sound obvious, but … Continue reading How to write a CV

Is everyone now-a-days a narcissist?

Selfies about own faces, photos about own bodies, the editing of photos in order to make some body part look bigger/smaller/better. Why do we even publish these photos – photos about or own faces? Are we only concentrating into ourselves? So, are we all narcissists? First, we have to be specific with terms. Narcissism is a personality trait as well as for example braveness, fearless … Continue reading Is everyone now-a-days a narcissist?

Dancing is Pure Happiness

The word “dance” is no longer new to many people. Many will say it is just a movement of the body. It’s true but the definition for others may be otherwise. Dancing is even a part of the body for some. But still, it is a way to prove that a person is happy or takes a bath in pure happiness. The proof is in his/her gaze, his/her joy and his/her pleasure. Each person has … Continue reading Dancing is Pure Happiness

I Can Feel You

As Aristotle said, we are by nature “social animals”. Our thoughts, feeling, emotions and behaviours are influenced by the presence of others. Since we are into a context that is mainly social, to be able to adapt better, it’s essential to communicate and interact with others in an effective and pleasant way and provide their actions, intentions and feelings. To do this, you need to be … Continue reading I Can Feel You