I won’t fool you

We live in a world where people fool other people and it has always been the same. It is nothing special, just our behaviour and us being humans. It’s so deeply embedded in our nature that every society in every age in every continent, even without any cultural exchange, developed systems to protect people over other people who just wanted to steal, to screw, to fool. It is the fortune of notaries and bureaucracy that reigns supreme everywhere, but it’s a  damning fact that our lives are slowed down and castrated by the continuous research of something that proves our good intentions. How many signatures must we sign every day for nothing? How many strict protocols must we follow to guarantee the expectations of the other? Why can’t we see that this is extremely pointless? How much time of a life should be dedicated to nothing? Someone can argue that it’s just evolution: opportunism – something common even in other animals. In a European country that is famous for this, people say “opportunity makes the thief”, and maybe it is the same in English-speaking countries (considering how easily Google Translate understood me). But we are not crows who hide their presence to steal a nut from a tawny oal; we have always bragged about our big brain! So, why did our society grow under tons of laws against the deceivers? I am definitely convinced that it is highly more complex to continue developing new systems, always hiring new professionals to check and certify, always electing new bureaucrats and legislators guaranteeing someone or something, which does not restructure our society from the base, from education, from trend reversal through new and healthier social constructs. Is the world we live in utopia? Can it be just a social construct? If it were, I would gladly stick with the first two sentences of the text. I think it’s an easy matter. As in the most iconographic image of choices, there are only two ways: we are thinking beings, we have exterminated many species and we have compromised many ecosystems (examples that should make us understand just how powerful we are, when we want to be), so we can also do something great for ourselves!.. Yes, it is utopia, because of the littleness of humans, because of (for instance) the beautiful image above.

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