Mauritius, are you a victim?

Hi Mauritius, come here, let us talk, my old friend.

I have been pondering a question for a very long time. 

Mauritius, are you a victim?

Do you think that since daddy’s little spoiled brat took you over, you have been leading a miserable life?

You have been free from the British rule since 1968. Oh how you celebrated then… You rejoiced for your freedom. Big time! Then you let an old man overpower you, and this is when you lost your freedom. They all came and daunted you. Yes, you tried to revolt, to take over, even to claim your freedom back. Unfortunately, that fire that ignited inside you, that rage, it died. 

Okay, that was the old you, so you say. You thought changes came in 2014. Let’s take a minute, Mauritius. Tell me the changes, if you can, the good ones. Done? Good. 

Now let’s think about the bad ones. Oh where are you going, Mauritius? Stay still. Yes this is how I am going to talk to you, so stay here! Since you liked being overpowered, let me try it too. I can say I am sorry, you will forgive me, I know. You will forget too, I know. This is you Mauritius, this is how you are. Tame.

Now, look at you. You like this role of being a victim. Your beauty is fading… I mean look at your lagoons and tell me. Look at your sugar cane fields, look at your environment, and look at your people. Look at them. They are as miserable as you. They thought COVID 19 brought plagues on them. Tell them the truth. Tell them that it’s the people you choose to rule you that are causing your downfall. 

Now you have a new generation of young people, strong and hot blooded, fighting for you. You even have “bann pa local” fighting for you. What more do you need? Stand up Mauritius, fight. Stop being hollow, you are not a victim Mauritius…

You are not a victim!

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