Pills and Potions

I miss the days when we would laugh and play our air guitars
The nights when we would sit and wish upon the brighestest stars
I miss the times of curious smiles all filled with wanderlustWhen we would wish to talk the earth until we touched the skies.
But as we grew, you changed your crew
You pushed me far away from you
You went with them, your new found friends
With all their hip and flashy trends.
I tried my best to get to you
To see if words could still be breakthrough
But not a word that I did say
Could pull you out of there today
The tears still leak from both my eyes
When thoughts of you transmit my mind
You left so much success behind
And all for not but lucid lies.
I'll walk the mile for the love of you
To fight what you could have fought too
The scourge that got the best of you
The pills and potions through and through.


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