3 questions to ATIM for Uganda

Alice is an Italian girl, a midwife by profession and by passion. With her travels and periods of life in Uganda, she has moved my interest in a country that we, in Italy, almost don’t know, unfortunately. Uganda is located in central-eastern Africa, has a few more inhabitants than Spain and Argentina, so it is certainly not a small land, and is among the states … Continue reading 3 questions to ATIM for Uganda

The School of Athens

INEVITABLE TRIANGLE Art, religion and philosophy. Three words that have always been connected with each other through the history of the World because of the relation between them is essential, it is impossible to think one of these concepts without thinking the other two. For example, even a work of art which promises not to include any kind of religious motives can include traces of religion because … Continue reading The School of Athens


INTRODUCTION Most people associate Il Divo with the multi-national classical crossover vocal group. Il Divo is Italian for “divine performer”. The term “divo” is often associated with notable people in cultural professions. The term is also linked with Italian politician and statesman Giulio Andreotti. Many consider Andreotti a true divine performer in Italian politics because he has held numerous ministerial positions in the last 40 years. There’s a bit of irony in the religious … Continue reading GIULIO ANDREOTTI: THE DIVINE PERFORMER OF ITALIAN POLITICS