The new Oscars rules

The grandiose Academy Awards have ended. The fateful night of the golden statuettes is already gone. And for a reason, with them the memory of who won what. The 93d awards ceremony will most likely be remembered for the confusing chaos that the new diversity regulations have entailed. Now that was an attention grabber!

According the new sad reality, if anyone dared considering to be a pretender for the Oscars, they should produce a film where the main protagnosists are exclusively to be of an under-represented ethnic or racial group (Asian, Hispanic/Latin, Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native, Middle Easter/North African, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander or any other underpresented race or ethnicity).  

Alternatively, that at least 30% of the actors who play minor or secondary roles to be women, racial or ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ (where the “plus” stands for “better”, such for TV subscriptions, I’m sure), or have cognitive or physical disabilities, or are deaf or visually impaired.

However, at least 30% must be reached by at least two of the categories listed. Therefore having 30% of the cast to be made of women is not enough. Having actors from the new invented categories contributing is still absolutely necessary.  

A third alternative would ultimately be related to the plot of the film. The film writers and producers will somehow have the option to focus specifically on issues that concern women, which do not concern white men, which concern LGBTQ+, or people with disabilities.

Hold on. What? How?.. Where should I start from on this one? Okay, take a deep breath…

Presuming we go by the rules and do as told. How will the LGBTQ+ percentage of the cast be determined? Should the sexual orientation of the whole team be plumbed trying to reach the share? This violates both common sense and the right to privacy! It’s beyond madness!

Notwithstanding that I find many of these new criteria highly absurd, even in their practical applicability, I have a firm and clear opinion on the matter: forcing inclusiveness and equality, even at the cost of profoundly altering the expressive freedom of the film workers, it certainly isn’t the right way to represent and to achieve parity.

Initiatives like these, do not only distort the deepest sense of art and creativity, which must be free and evolve autonomously, without censorship and blocks, but they risk to damage the same categories that one would like to help. It is condemning them to the eternal suspicion that they have been employed to simply reach the various required percentages. Not for their hard work, professional knowledge and abilities.

This my friends, is a preposterous tax to pay in the name of political corectness.

My desire to direct a thriller film about an old Puritan community has certainly started to fade away. Yes, those that were Pilgrim Fathers. Authentic, roasted-turkey eaters, who are still considered, in a false myth, the true original Americans.

Instead, Ben Stiller’s dream of acting as Simple Jack is growing: Jack, you may be a simpleton, but you have a serious chance of winning an Oscar next year!

Bye bye, simple Jack.

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